Don’t Trowel on Makeup!

Ever get frustrated when you set out to do a task, but don’t have all the proper tools to help you achieve the best possible results? Just think about that when you are applying your makeup. [...]

Six Important Tips in Makeup Removal

Removing makeup every day is a tricky process as you don’t want to pull or tug the delicate skin around the eyes nor do you want to cause your skin to dry out by using a harsh cleanser and/or [...]

Smokey Eye Makeup Tools


10 Smokey Eye Makeup


Guide for Office Eye Makeup

You’re clever, gifted and also going areas quick, lady. Do not allow exaggerated makeup looks sidetrack associates as well as superiors from your expert awesomeness. Adhere to these [...]

Taking Care and Making Perfect Eyebrows

As well as in all sincerity, extremely couple of individuals have a normally ideal eyebrow. There is absolutely nothing like the day after you obtain your eyebrows done, when the inflammation is [...]

14 Shiny Dress Eye Makeup for Any Skin Color


10 Red Dress Eye Makeup for Any Skin Color


10 Blue Dress Eye Makeup for Any Skin Color


12 Black Dress Eye Makeup for any Skin Color


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