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8 Hairstyles on Star Wars


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10 Perfect Grey Hair


13 Cute hairstyle for little girls


Pump up fine thin hair

Just because you got fine thin hair, your hair is not doomed, Rather a sensitive gem is on your skull that needs proper treatment to shine. Shampooing Use a mild shampoo for your fine thin hair, [...]

Natural Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is a skin condition where shiny, silvery, scales separate from the scalp and collect in the hair and fall into your brows, shoulders, and clothes. This condition becomes a problem when [...]

Styling Tips for In-Between Bangs

Growing your bangs out doesn’t have to be a fashion or beauty nightmare. Although styling bangs between cuts seems to take forever and the look is not always great, there are ways to keep some [...]

Highlight for your face

How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Face Picking a new hair color I quickly realized that the colors I was choosing were making my skin look washed out or made my eyes look dull. The right [...]

12 Buns of Short Hair


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