Don’t Trowel on Makeup!

Ever get frustrated when you set out to do a task, but don’t have all the proper tools to help you achieve the best possible results? Just think about that when you are applying your makeup. Having the right tools can make all the different in the world, whether you are applying makeup to conceal imperfections or highlighting your assets. So how do you know which ones would best suit your needs? And how do you know which ones that you absolutely cannot live without? Read on to find out about the six make up tool “must-haves”:

1. Makeup Sponges

Many women might use their fingertips to apply their foundation. While there is no real problem with that, sponges are definitely more advantageous. First of all, if you are prone to breakouts, your fingertips might add that extra oil you skin really doesn’t need. Secondly, makeup will stay on your face for more even coverage than if with the fingertips. Plus, blending is easier and less noticeable with a sponge. Triangular shaped sponges work the best to get into the crevices of your face like around your eyes and along your nose. They are also great for blending foundation and other makeup along the jaw or hair lines without any noticeable makeup lines. Sponges can also be reused several times and even washed to prolong its usefulness.

2. Powder Brush

A thick, lush power brush is a necessity in your beauty palette of tools. Most face powders come with a small applicator or powder puff. These devices do not adequately distribute the face powder on your face. The powder brush will help blend the powder and give you control on exactly where you want the powder applied.

3. Eyebrow Brush

Your eyebrows are like the window dressing to your eyes. When your eyebrows are not groomed properly, it is one of the first things people notice. Brushing your eyebrows into a certain shape can help you identify those errant hairs that need plucking. Also, an eyebrow brush can best distribute a little color to your brows in case you have to fill in any “bald” spots or enhance the brow color.

4.Eyelash Curler

This is a tool that is not in many women’s repertoire yet it has the power to really make your eyes pop. The eyelash curler is especially helpful to ladies whose lashes don’t curl up very well. The trick is to briefly heat up the curler with a hair dryer, and then curl the ends of the lashes for several seconds. Once completed, you would follow up with an application of mascara to the lashes to maintain that curl.

5. Eye Shadow Sponge Applicator

Eye shadow can sometimes appear flaky upon application. The eye shadow sponge applicator allows more control over gliding the makeup along your eyelids, thus reducing the chance of powder flakes from escaping. In addition, the use of a sponge applicator allows for easier color blending, especially if you are using a base color on the lower lid along with a highlighting color above it.

6. Foundation or Concealer Brush

Many makeup artists are now swearing by using a thick, densely packed brush to apply foundation. The reasoning is that it gives you a light application of makeup without looking “made up.” It is a great blending tool. Concealer brushes are similar in scope, except have a smaller head for easier manipulation for smaller areas. Even if you don’t wear foundation, you can use it to apply a concealer for dark under eye circles, blemishes or other imperfections.
You can probably “get by” without these six makeup tools. However, when they are available and you add them to your beauty regiment, you will notice a discernable difference in your appearance after your makeup application. Makeup will look more natural on your skin with no noticeable delineations. You will also find that you have cut down your prep time in your beauty routine. Some of these tools can be bought at the dollar store or a pharmacy. However, if you want your beauty tools to last, consider a trip to the department store makeup counter. Sure, these makeup tools will be more expensive, but remember – you are investing in your appearance

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