The Absolute Best In Sexy Shirts for Women

Any frequent club goer knows the golden rule of dressing for the nightclub: stick with what works for you. Wearing something you feel confident about can often make the garment a self fulfilling prophecy, as feeling good about your appearance can make you oodles more approachable and vivacious. At the same time, sticking with what works can get you stuck in a pretty wicked rut. And when you find yourself bored to tears by your closet own, it can be majorly discouraging and game killing.

sexy-shirts-for-womenThat’s why it pays to switch up your clothes a little. This doesn’t mean you have to completely change your style or leave your comfort zone. After all, rejuvenating your wardrobe can be as simple as changing up your clothing profiles and materials. To get you started, we suggest rethinking the faithful but boring little cocktail dress. To take its place, here’s our advice on how to choose your perfect match from the best and most club friendly sexy shirts for women.

1. Think About Your Style

A good place to begin is to really do some deep thinking about what you like about clothes, and what vibes you enjoy giving off. Are you a sophisticated urbane lady, or an edgy and punk inspired rocker? Knowing what you like can help you narrow down the stores you should search in, as well as helping you decide what type of shirt you’d like to wear.

The best thing about top and bottom combinations is that they are endlessly versatile, serving up double the amount of ways to customize your look. Being conscientious of your personal style will help you choose from a virtual panoply of different styles, fabrics, colors, and detail types of shirts.

2. Know Your Body Type

Having clothes that fit well and emphasize your best features can make you feel that much more the star when you’re in the club. Knowing your body type will help you achieve a good fit.

With the help of a tape measure, you can quickly put yourself into one of five categories. Spoon shapes are largest in the chest, pear shapes are largest at the hips, and apple shapes are largest in the mid section. Hourglass shapes are small in the waist at about the same size in the bust and hips, and banana shapes are about the same size all over. Once you’ve ascertained your body type, it’s easy to find dressing guides on the internet. These guides have helpful fit tips, and will aid you in selecting the perfect top from this season’s sexy shirts for women.

3. Try New Things

If you’re still feeling bored, try throwing out everything you know. Go to the mall with some friends and go wild! Try on cuts, colors and prints that you’ve never considered before, and ask your friends for their opinions. You never know, you might find something you love that you never would have guessed suited you so well. Basically, always have fun, and you’ll be sure the do well!

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