The Best in Modern Sexy Club Shirts for Women

Take a quick Google Image search of “club wear,” and you’ll be sure to find a virtual plethora of skintight dresses and rompers. It’s the first thing most of us think of when we picture nightclubs. We envision the omnipresent girl in a spangled strapless bandeau dress, the hem just south of decent. You might have thought to yourself, is that all there is? Well, it’s high time that rumor was dispelled.

modern-sexy-club-shirts-for-womenWhile short and tight dresses may have been the face of nightclub wear for the last decade, they have quickly begun giving way in the last few years to stylish and sexy separates. Shirts and skirt or shorts combos are more versatile in composition, allowing the wearer to achieve a wide range of looks instead of only one. Single pieces can also play double duty, acting as wholly respectable day wear. These and other advantages have contributed to the newly found dominance of shirts, blouses, and other tops among the club wear fashion scene. To catch you up, here’s our picks for the best trends in chic styles of sexy club shirts for women.


This style trend allows for the wearer to flaunt a demure silhouette while still opening up the possibility of flashing some peek a boo style sexiness. Sheer shirts are made from fabrics that are loosely woven, creating a dramatic translucent effect in which skin and undergarments can be seen through the shirt. This style can lend itself to a wide range of looks, from ethereal and angelic to dark and sinister. It’s up to the wearer to decide how much skin is shown; more modest dressers can pair sheer shirts with an opaque tank top or camisole, while dare devil types can go with just a bra. Certain styles also feature opaque panels over the bust, which allow the garments to be worn without layering.

Lingerie Inspired

The newest runway inspired trend this spring is boudoir sensuality. Many of the most cutting edge sexy club shirts for women are crafted from delicate lace and supple satin, creating a certain “bedroom” look. Interpretations of this trend range from the literal, which look more or less like a bra without wiring, to the more abstract, like a silk button up shirt with Chantilly lace detailing. Lingerie inspired pieces are comfortable, hot weather friendly, and perfectly of the moment. Next time you’re going out, take inspiration from staying in!

Metal Details

Metallic detailing is for the inner rebel in all of us. Pieces with metal details take inspiration from a wide range of trends, from punk inspired spikes and safety pins to eye catching hip hop chains. Either way, metallic details broadcast who you are loud and clear. They add interest to otherwise humdrum pieces, and catch the light in a dazzling way in dark club settings.

The best thing about metallic details is that you can add your own to the club shirt of your choice! Any top can be spruced up with the addition of a few pins or buttons. Be creative and, as always, be fierce.

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