The Sexy Dress for Women Secret-Finding the Right Dress for Your Body Type

It can be hard to find a sexy dress for women, particularly when women don’t have the type of figure many designers create for. For some women, trying to find the right dress for a night out is nothing but a headache. Thankfully, it’s possible for any woman to find a dress that makes her look amazing. Just keep these things in mind as you search for your perfect dress.

Dressing a Pear-Shaped Body

the-sexy-dress-for-womenMany women are considered to be pear-shaped. This means that they have full hips and thighs. The best way to dress a body like this is to look for an a-line gown. It’s also a smart idea for women to draw attention to the upper half of their body with a plunging neckline. That will help to balance things out and create an appealing overall look.

Making the Most of a Small Bust

Many women with a smaller chest feel ashamed. However, it’s easy for a women to look sexy regardless of her bra size. Bandeau necklines can help to add more dimension to the upper half of the body, as can necklines with layers. A beautiful statement necklace paired with a scoop neckline is another excellent idea.

Hiding Larger Arms

Some women see their arms as their number-one problem area. Women who feel this way should stay away from popular designs like strapless or spaghetti strap dresses, and should instead opt for an attractive look that they’ll feel comfortable in.

Working With a Larger Bust

Larger busts can be just as difficult to dress as smaller ones. When a women is very well-endowed, many styles of dresses will be too tight in the chest area. In addition, it’s easy for a woman’s chest to take away focus from the rest of her dress.

Instead of wearing skintight fabrics, women with big busts should opt for fabrics that only skim their bodies. It’s also good for women to balance out their body by choosing a dress with a fuller skirt. This will help to create a more proportionate look and will allow a woman to show off all of her curves — not just some of them.

Bell sleeved dresses are very on trend, as are dresses with three-quarter length sleeves. For women who’d prefer a little more flexibilty, wraps, cardigans, and shrugs are an easy way to keep arms covered while wearing a more daring dress.

Dressing a Plus-Sized Body

Some plus-sized women feel as though sexy dresses aren’t for them. However, that simply isn’t the case. There are a number of dress styles that look beautiful on a plus-sized figure, such as a wrap dress or a retro styled gown.

The secret to finding a sexy dress for women is to work with a body, not against it. Women should figure out how to flatter their figures and wear dresses that will make them feel great. There are amazing dresses out there for every woman.


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