Sexy Womens Clothing for 2016

For too long, sexy has meant the same few outfits. Say the word, and immediately the mind is drawn to a handful of rather tired images: a tube top, hot pants, an uncomfortable short skirt. In essence, club wear has become so staid that something which is supposed to be heart pounding and adrenaline rush creating has become boring and passe.

Well, we say it’s time to fight back against those stereotypes, to buck the trends that have come to feel restrictive instead of comforting. It’s the beginning of a new year, and we’re here to welcome in the new styles. Here’s out overview of the different new flavors of sexy womens clothing.

Natural Hide

sexy-womens-clothingIt might sound like a wink and a nod to the 70’s and hippie culture, but we guarantee you that this trend is all grown up. Instead of rawhide vests and black leather chaps, think sleek suede coats and brushed hide pencil skirts. These new natural hide clothing items are perfectly structured, while still retaining a hint of feral sexuality.

Paired with lighter fabrics like linen and raw silk, animal skin clothing makes a seamless transition from super chic studio day wear to prowling, high fashion night out garb. It’s also worth mentioning that fake suede has gotten more convincing by the year, so vegan options that don’t sacrifice style abound. If you’re thinking about kicking your outfits up a notch, consider taking a walk on the wild side.


Don’t fret. We’re not trying to convince you to pull out the old daisy dukes. These days, denim is seeing a great number of playful applications in non-pants clothing design. Modern denim jackets lend a tough yet structured look, more closely resembling a smooth biker jacket than barfly wear. Denim jumpers and pinafore dresses are entirely youthful, with the fabric lending itself to more revealing cuts.

Trust us, the new denim is no Polly Anna cowgirl of a fabric. It’s more like Brigitte Bardot: sexy and understated, and always girly. It’s a farm fresh shoo in for essential trend for modern sexy womens clothing.

Sheer Fabrics

An old favorite, and more daring than ever. Sheer fabrics are all over the runways this season, showing up in everything from shirts to skirts to dresses to pants. If it’s made of cloth and hangs from the body, there’s a good chance that designers have tried making it from a sheer fabric. And what’s not to love? The ethereal stuff comes in all of your favorite and most figure flattering profiles, lending each style it touches an extra element of sexuality.

Love sheath dresses but hate how bored you are of the same old same old? Try a sheath dress with silk chiffon insets. Like silk skirts but scared of looking like a move version Cruella Deville? Some mesh sleeves will instantly update the look. The best part is that silk clothes can be layered to match your level of comfort; whether you like some coverage or feel like going commando, you’ll feel chic and pulled together.

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