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How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Face

Picking a new hair color

I quickly realized that the colors I was choosing were making my skin look washed out or made my eyes look dull. The right hair color will make your skin glow and your eyes stand out.

Your natural hair color

When choosing a new hair color it is important to think about your natural hair color. The very best hair color will only be a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Your natural hair color can also tell you about how difficult it will be to color your hair.

Face shape and highlights

Highlights in your hair can make a huge difference in your appearance. Highlights can add depth texture and a little flare. The best way to determine where to place your highlights is you face shape.

Square faces: Place the highlights evenly throughout your hair. Another good way to highlight a square face is to have bigger thicker streaks framing your face.

Round faces: Low lights look great with this face shape. Try putting low lights towards the top half of your hair.

Long faces: Lightening the very ends makes a long face look shorter and a lot less narrow.

Heart shaped faces:This can be one of the trickiest. You want to try to highlight near the chin area to keep the chin from appearing to narrow. When low lighting a heart shaped face, low lights look great too but stay away from the chin area.

The right colors highlights

Whenever getting highlights remember to choose colors that go well with the rest of the all over color. Stay a couple shades lighter or darker than the base color anything more might look less than flattering.

Skin tone

You need to determine whether you have warm toned skin, cool toned skin or a neutral skin tone. If your veins look green the you have warmed toned skin. Listed below are the kinds of colors that suit each skin tone.

Warm skin tones: When choosing a hair color for warm skin tones it is best to stick with warm colors. For medium colors of skin a shade of copper could bring out a lovely glowing complexion. Avoid colors like Ash and colors with purple or blue hues.

Cool skin tones: When choosing a hair color for cool skin tones it is best to stick with cool colors. For medium colors you can go with either lighter or darker cool shades just stay close to your natural color.

Neutral skin tones: You are lucky you can go either way with a warm golden color or a deep burgundy. The best way to choose the right color for a neutral skin tone is finding a color that makes your eyes pop. You have many color choices just remember to stay within a few shades of your natural color

Eye color

Eye color is another great way to determine your perfect hair color. The color that you choose should make your eyes stand and pop out.

Blue eyes: Warm skin tone and blue eyes

The best hair colors will be golden browns, honey blondes and chestnut browns.

Cool skin tone and blue eyes: Hair colors like platinum blonde auburn and burgundy really bring out the eyes

Green eyes: Warm skin tone and green eyes

For warm skin tones try colors like auburn or strawberry blonde. If you want something more brunette then pick a brown color with red undertones.

Cool skin tone and green eyes: Red still looks great try a copper color. , if you want to try a blonde shade platinum blonde or gold may look nice.. Darker shades of black and brown look stunning with light green eyes

Brown eyes: Warm skin tone and brown eyes

Dark browns look wonderful with this combination of skin tone and eye color. Deep colored reds are another good combo. Deep rich colors look the very best with brown eyes

Cool skin tone and brown eyes: Dark browns look great with skin tone and eye color. Lighter brown colors like honey or colors with hints of blonde undertones look spectacular.

Hazel eyes: Warm skin tone and hazel eyes.

To bring out golden colors try deep browns and maybe a color like auburn. Stick with warm colors and whatever colors bring out your favorite color in your eyes.

Cool skin tone and hazel eyes: You can play around more with colors when you have hazel eyes. Stick with colors for cool toned skin and find what brings out your favorite colors in your eyes.



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